Back Pain

Chiropractic Treatment & Natural Pain Relief for Back Pain in Orlando

Our Orlando chiropractor at Pavlik Center for Health and Wellness treats acute and chronic pain that is caused by various back injuries and ailments. When you come into our office for your initial appointment, our chiropractor will discuss the severity of your pain and perform a physical examination.

Acute and Chronic Back Pain Injury Types

Back pain is categorized as either acute or chronic. An acute back pain injury happens suddenly, and the symptoms last less than three months with proper treatment. Chronic injuries are injuries where the symptoms and pain have lasted longer than three months.

Back Pain Causes

Acute back pain causes include a muscle spasm, traumatic injury, car accident injury and sprains and strains. Chronic back injuries include repetitive motion injuries and herniated discs. Chronic back pain can also be caused by stress.

Auto Injury

An auto injury can cause lower and upper back pain. When you impact another vehicle or object, your body bounces between your seat belt and seat, which places a tremendous amount of force on your spinal column. This can cause sprains and strains in your lower back and neck and herniated discs as well as spinal misalignments.

Herniated Discs

Herniated discs can be caused by degenerative joint diseases and car accidents. They can also be the result of repetitive motion or overuse injuries or a traumatic injury.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains occur suddenly are usually the result of a fall or other traumatic injury. A sprain is an injury that affects your ligaments. A strain is an injury that affects your muscles and tendons.

Back Pain Treatment with Our Orlando Chiropractor

Your back pain chiropractic treatment starts with an initial consultation and an appointment to determine the exact causes of your back pain. Once our Orlando chiropractor has a complete diagnosis, we can recommend a course of treatment that will lower your pain naturally and improve your flexibility and mobility.

Our back pain treatment options include chiropractic care, including spinal adjustments, massage therapy, therapeutic exercises and acupuncture. Chiropractic care helps your body heal from chronic and acute back injuries, and it can be used to prevent future injuries.

Acupuncture treats back pain by stimulating the soft tissues into regenerating, increasing localized blood flow and facilitating the release of endorphins. Acupuncture can be used on its own or combined with other treatments for form a comprehensive health and wellness package.

Massage therapy can help lower your physical, mental and emotional stress. It also helps your muscles release lactic acid and reduces tight spots. It can even be used to help alleviate your muscle spasm.

Therapeutic exercises are great for strengthening injuries muscles and helping to restore your flexibility. Our chiropractor can give you a list of exercises and instructions that you can perform in our office and in the comfort of your home.

To schedule an appointment to determine the cause of the acute or chronic pain in your back, call us at (407) 423-4761.


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